Websites and Design

We focus on engaging and accessible websites for businesses, co-ops, and nonprofits. Each site includes a unique design and brand development tailored to your mission and goals as well as CMS integration and training. Our websites are designed to be easy to read and to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Rates can be tailored to include long-term development or a one-off design. We work closely with our clients to ensure your needs are met.

Cloud Services

After your website is built we can host your site, setup instant messaging for your small business, or advise you on custom hosting and infrastructure development. We can provide assistance setting up bare metal hosting or building infrastructure using a range of common providers including Joyent Triton, DigitalOcean, Linode, Terraform, and more! To keep your site and services up and running we can also setup monitoring using popular tools such as Prometheus and Grafana.

Custom Backends

Our developers specialize in languages including Go, JavaScript, Python, and Rust and can build custom backends and services to meet your individual needs. We focus on best practices including extensive code review and writing idiomatic and readable code so that the resulting product is simple and understandable. Our experience in both stateless web applications and stateful real time communication technologies make us a perfect fit for most business needs.


Our values are important to us and are one of the reasons our clients trust us. Some of them include:

Democratic egalitarian member control.

We are a worker owned co-op meaning our developers and designers own the business and operate it in a democratic manner. We believe that the lack of big bosses makes for a happy and productive workplace which results in a better product.

Accountable to impacted communities.

Writing software that will be used by others is an inherently political act. When we write software that is used by your organization, we feel that it makes us accountable to you and the communities you serve. Software is for people, and we strive to write software for them, not just for the bottom line.

Privacy, decentralization, & autonomy.

The internet is for everyone. We believe that decentralized, autonomous communities can help make the internet a safer and more enjoyable place to be.

The Commons.

When building software we attempt to re-use and support software that is Open Source or other similar licensing schemes without exploiting the labor of those writing the software that we depend on.

We also license many of our own shared components into the commons. This means that they are looked at by many sets of eyes and are re-used between projects, resulting in lower overhead for your organization when fixing components of your custom software!

Sustainable economics and ecology.

It is possible to build a business that is both sustainable and profitable. Wherever possible we strive to use and build sustainable technologies that operate efficiently and with minimal waste.


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